Q & A

A checklist…

At what stage should I engage a builder?
  • When working drawings/plans and engineering are completed
  • When you have determined a budget
  • When you have considered the finish/theme of the project in detail (specifications)
What should I look for in a builder?

A building project can be a timely process, it is important that you feel comfortable with your builder. It is essential that you trust them working in your home. We suggest find someone who you can see yourself communicating with often and will be able to work through difficulties should they arise. It is a great idea to get references from previous clients.

What are the minimum qualifications I should look for in a builder?

Look for a builder that is registered with the Victorian Building Authority

How do I protect myself?

Ensure that every building project over $5000 in value is agreed to within a domestic building contract

Ensure that the builder you have engaged is able to provide insurance for any building project over $12,000 in value